» » Various - Sonic Generations Original Soundtrack Blue Blur
Various - Sonic Generations Original Soundtrack Blue Blur Mp3
Electronic / Rock / Pop
Performer: Various
Title: Sonic Generations Original Soundtrack Blue Blur
Style: Techno, Pop Rock, Vocal
Year 11 Jan 2012
Country Japan
Label Wave Master Entertainment
Catalog Number WWCE-31261 3
Genre: Electronic / Rock / Pop
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 694
MP3 size: 1514 mb
FLAC size: 2518 mb
WMA size: 2864 mb
Record From: 3 × CD, Album

Various - Sonic Generations Original Soundtrack Blue Blur Mp3


1City Escape: Act 2 - Gun Convoy Battle "The Mad Convoy Race"
2Cut Scene 7
3Crisis City: Act 2
4Special Stage
5Seaside Hill: Act 1
6Mushroom Hill: Act 2
7Tropical Resort: Act 2
8Rival Battle: Shadow The Hedgehog - Shadow Attack "All Hail Shadow (Short Ver.)"
9Emerald Coast: Act 1 - "Blue Azure World"
10Water Palace: Act 2 "Back 2 Back - Cash Cash RMX"
11Rival Battle: Metal Sonic "Stardust Speedway"
12Challenge / Mission 2
13Mushroom Hill: Act 1
14Cut Scene 10
15Boss Battle: Time Eater Ver. 1
16Crisis City: Act 1
17Boss Battle: Egg Dragoon
18Cut Scene 6
19Tropical Resort - Color Power / Red Burst
20Jingle: Timer
21White Space Medley
22Speed Highway: Act 2 - Skyscraper Downhill "Goin' Down?! - Cash Cash Vs. Jun Senoue RMX"
23End Roll Medley Ver. 1
24Jingle: Result Ver. 2
25Title (Short Ver.)
26Speed Highway: Act 1 "Run Through The Speed Highway - Cash Cash RMX"
27Cut Scene 3
28Jingle: Invincible Ver. 2
29Title Demo
30Rooftop Run: Act 1
31Water Palace: Act 1 "Back 2 Back - Digital Remakin' Track"
32City Escape: Act 2 "Escape From The City - Blue Blur RMX"
33Boss Battle: Big Arms
34Rival Battle: Silver The Hedgehog
35Boss Battle: Biolizard - "Supporting Me..."
36Planet Wisp: Color Power / Orange Rocket
37Challenge / Mission 5
38End Roll Medley Ver. 2
39Challenge / Mission 4
40Green Hill: Act 1
41Tropical Resort: Act 1
42Cut Scene 8
43Jingle: Invincible Ver. 1
44Cut Scene 9
45Speed Highway: Act 2 "Run Through The Speed Highway"
46Green Hill: Act 2 - Fast
47Rival Battle: Metal Sonic (US Ver.) "Stardust Speedway"
48Boss Battle: Perfect Chaos Pt-II "Perfect Chaos Revival!"
49Casino Night: Act 2
50Rival Battle: Shadow The Hedgehog - Sonic Attack "Live & Learn (Short Ver.)"
51Cut Scene 2
52Boss Battle: Time Eater - Final Attack
53Cut Scene 4
54Jingle: Act Clear
55Planet Wisp: Color Power / Pink Spike
56Radical Highway: Act 1 "Vengeance Is Mine - Cash Cash RMX"
57Emerald Coast: Act 2 - "Windy And Ripply"
58Rival Battle: Shadow The Hedgehog "For True Story - Circuit Freq RMX"
59Seaside Hill: Act 2
60Planet Wisp: Act 2
61Jingle: Game Over
62Menu 2
63Rooftop Run: Act 2
64Chemical Plant: Act 1
65Cut Scene 5
66Casino Night: Act 1
67Boss Battle: Time Eater Ver. 2
68Skill Shop
69Sky Sanctuary: Act 1
70Collection Room
71Cut Scene 1
73Tropical Resort - Color Power / Cyan Laser
74Planet Wisp: Act 1
76Sky Sanctuary: Act 2 - Fast
77Challenge / Mission 3
78Boss Battle: Egg Emperor
79Boss Battle: Perfect Chaos Pt-1 "Open Your Heart - Crush 40 Vs. Circuit Freq RMX"
80Challenge / Mission 1 "Super Sonic Racing - Cash Cash Vs. Jun Senoue RMX"
81Green Hill: Act 2 - Normal
82Jingle: Result Ver. 1
83Boss Battle: Death Egg Robot
84Sky Sanctuary: Act 2 - Normal
85Skill: Precious Time / Ring Time
86Chemical Plant: Act 2
87Menu 1
88City Escape: Act 1 "Escape From The City - Cash Cash RMX"
89Skill: Time Brake
90Radical Highway: Act 2 "Vengeance Is Mine - Circuit Freq RMX"