How to get there

From Cagliari you can easily reach Serri via the SS 131. At Monastir junction (km 21,600) turn right, then go through Sernobì, Suelli and Mandas until Serri. From Sassari, Nuoro and Oristano it is advisable to drive towards Villasanta (km 42,000), go through Furtei and Villamar, then turn right towards Villafranca. From Mandas follow the SS 128 until Serri. When you arrive at the entrance of Serri, on the left, the road leads to the important archaelogical complex after 4 km. In the archaelogical park, visitors will be welcomed by specialist staff and they can enjoy various facilities: a bar, a souvenir shop (handicrafts and books); a picnic area in the shade of the downy oaks; a children's playground in front of the facilities centre.

Forecast at Serri